Paula Gunther-Reilly

Since I was a child, I was always drawn to observing the nuances of the world that surrounded me. My career as an artist is rooted in realism, and I strive to represent the aesthetic beauty in life that is commonly overlooked. 

Throughout my life I have experimented with various mediums, discovering techniques and genres within the world of fine art; experiencing the joys as well as the tribulations that go hand in hand when searching to visually express what cannot be said through words.

Within my explorations, my use of artistic mediums and techniques continue to evolve. I am moved to explore how emotions as an input to each piece illustrate the true value and reality of the artist within the artwork.

As I advanced to develop as an artist as well as an educator, my objective was to inspire myself and others to find ourselves within our art. I applied this ideology through the development of my lessons in which personal reflection and the challenges of ingenuity with personal meaning is established through an art experience. 

In the process of my praxis, I continue to grow as an artist and as a person. I have come to the realization of the value of art as a vehicle to engage in reflection upon the mysteries of the world around us as well as the humanness within us. It has also allowed me to reflect on the purpose of my life and its meaning. 

Through my contemplative experiences and mindful practices, I have gained a wealth of understanding of the importance and the practicality of Mindfulness In Daily Life. My views on life and it’s meaning have evolved. I am compelled to share with others the benefits that I have received. It is my hope that others will also find the solace that MIDL can offer as well as the pause that this practice in daily life can bring.