Mindful Art for Students

Radial Sunflowers~ Observed  from life
Uniquely created through tools, materials and technique.



In our Art program we are engaging in mindful art making and high quality thinking as we discover new ways of seeing things. We are practicing 21st century skills as we learn about ourselves through our art. 

The arts are a way of knowing our world. Opportunities to learn through the arts are rich and wide and help us to develop as well-rounded individuals who care about our society and our environment as a whole. 

Our classes take place in a studio-style setting in which we are cultivating thoughtful artistic behaviors that are original and inventive with the potential to transfer to other areas of learning. 

We begin every class with a 3 minute “belly-breathing” practice, a diaphragmatic breathing exercise that assists us with the ability to calm ourselves down, resulting in a more relaxed and creative disposition and atmosphere for art making.

Opportunities are provided with skills, tools, materials and techniques for us to think and create like artists! 

Studio habits of mind are encouraged as we learn to:

understand art worlds *  reach beyond our capabilities * reflect and evaluate our learning and process * attend to visual clues more closely * develop a focus and other mental states that assist in our art making * envision or imagine what cannot be directly observed. 

Throughout our explorations and practices, our goals are to create works that demonstrate our ideas, feelings and understandings with personal meaning that comes from our heart.

Environmental Awareness

Understanding Art Worlds and Inspiring the next generation of Earth's stewards through creative play.


Exploring various processes, tools, materials and techniques.

Developing Craft and exploring methods, tools, materials and techniques while learning artistic conventions.


Experiencing a connection to earth's gifts though hands-on modeling.

Envisioning and experiencing a connection with Earth's gifts through hands-on modeling and thought processes of what can not be directly observed.


Stretch and explore playfully without any preconceived plan while embracing opportunities to work as a community.

Public Display

Students take pride in their work as the community at large have opportunities to view works of art

Taking pride in our works of art though opportunities of public display for our community at large.

Multicultural teachings

Learning about the world we live in though exposure to various cultures and belief systems.

 Mindful Art in Schools is the vision of by Paula Gunther-Reilly, Art teacher, J. Ackerman Coles Elementary School, Scotch Plains, NJ, USA . If you wish to post anything from this page on another website or in a publication please respect the author and reference/link  back to this website, thank you