MIDL for Parents

Stress Affects Our Children at Home and School

Stress affects our children's ability to learn and make clear decisions in their social interaction with others. Through introducing simple mindfulness breathing techniques you can improve your child's concentration, regulate their emotions and help them to feel more calm and settled within their life.  

We Need Your Help

You can help to bring about these changes by making yourself familiar with and participating in these simple MIDL mindfulness breathing exercises with your child at home.  This will teach them the skills they need to self regulate their emotions and to lower their level of stress within their life.

Understanding Stress and Your Child

The stress response has a central control point, the point is the movement of the diaphragm muscle associated with breathing. When we experience stress our diaphragm muscle tightens and eventually locks in the upward position below our rib cage, this triggers chest breathing and a process of hyperventilation - short, rapid breathing - to occur. You can observe this clearly as the desire to take an extra breath or regular yawning.

This hyperventilation cause the C02 levels to lower through over-breathing and become imbalanced  affecting mental clarity.  If your child is experiencing this they will then become mentally dull, agitated and more emotionally defensive.

Understanding How to Help

Through teaching your child how to breath slowly and deeply into their belly using their diaphragm muscle the stress response can be switched off and C02 levels brought back into balance. When done properly the results are quite rapid, the effect being increased mental clarity, settling of negative thinking and emotions as a lowering of restlessness as the adrenaline and cortisol dissipate.

Where to Find These MIDL Exercises

You will find these MIDL mindfulness breathing exercises for lowering stress in the students section of this website. These include a short, 3 minute belly breathing exercise, a laying exercise for relaxing and deepening breathing as well as a simple exercise to develop concentration.