The Mindfulness Alliance Foundation

Mindfulness Alliance Foundation

The Mindfulness Alliance Foundation was created in recognition of the benefits that MIDL mindfulness breathing skills would have on stress within the classroom and home. 

MIDL recognizes that stress affects a child's ability to think clearly, learn and their emotional interactions with others. 

Through introducing simple MIDL mindfulness meditation techniques children can learn how to lower their stress levels, not only in their classroom but also within their daily life.

The Mindfulness Alliance Foundation Members

Paula Gunther-Reilly

Elementary Art Teacher,     

Governor's Educator of the Year 2017/18

J. Ackerman Coles Elementary School. Paula lives and teaches in Scotch Plains, NJ, USA. 

Stephen Procter

MIDL Mindfulness in Daily Life training system founder based on over 30yrs meditation experience and meditation guide for MIDL in Schools.  Stephen lives in Sydney, Australia  

Noah Rasheta

Author, Podcast Host, founder of The Foundation for Mindful Living. Noah teaches mindfulness skills online and in workshops all around the world.  Noah lives in Kamas, Utah.